Since November 2005 we also have sparkling wines for sale.
Our very first is the “Zwarte Parel” (BLACK PEARL) from the year 2003.

In 1993, the ‘Kiezelingenbos’ was planted with a special variety of Chardonnay plants, which are exceptionally well suited for the making of Sparkling wines. Already then it was our intention to produce a sparkling wine, once the vineyards were ten years old. Therefore in 2003 we had our first harvest with the intention of making a sparkling wine. Of this sparkling wine we have two varieties for sale: the “Zwarte Parel Brut” and the “Zilveren Parel Brut”.
In 2009 and 2010, this vineyard was extended to 11.5ha with both Chardonnay and Pinot Noir vines. From 2011 onwards, this vineyard will also produce Rose Parel (sparkling wine).

The basis wine is made in the same manner as the still wines. During the bottling both sugar and yeast are added, so that a fermentation can occur in the bottle. Through this fermentation, carbon dioxide is created in the bottle at a pressure up to 6 Bar.

The sugar is transformed into alcohol, a process which ends once all the sugars have been fermented. Through this process a sparkling wine is created, but also a sediment within the bottle. The wine ripens on this sediment, which has a very positive influence. According to the “Méthode Traditionnelle”, the wine must ripen with the sediment for at least 9 months.

All three Pearl’s meet these strict rules. The “Rose Parel” ripens 9 months and the “Zwarte Parel” (Black Pearl), from the rust free barrels, ripens 18 months in the bottle, whiles the “Zilveren Parel” (Zilver Pearl) from the wooden barrels, ripens 36 months in the bottle. After this follows the “remuage” and the disgorging. During this process the bottles are turned regularly a quarter turn, until they are finally standing on their head after approximately five days. This way, the sediment slowly moves down the bottle neck towards the opening.

The process in which the sediment is removed is called “dégorgement”. The neck of the bottle is placed in a liquid with a temperature of about -40°C, therefore freezing the upper part of the wine in the bottle neck which includes the sediment. With the help of a special machine, this ice block is removed together with the coronet cap. Then the bottle receives its final cork and the sparkling wine rests for at least another three months, prior to being sold.

  • Bottle Black Pearl Brut Wine Castle Genoels-Elderen

    Black Pearl Brut

  • Bottle Silver Pearl Brut Wine Castle Genoels-Elderen

    Silver Pearl Brut

  • Bottle Pink Pearl Brut Wine Castle Genoels-Elderen

    Pink Pearl Brut

  • Bottle The Pearl 08 Wine Castle Genoels-Elderen

    The Pearl 08